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    Hello, I’m getting ready to start restoring my 93 Ford Lightning & have a few questions about the body glues. My list of repairs are 1) passenger bed side 2)passenger cab corner 3) driver side rear wheel well patch panel. Is the glue strong enough to glue the bed side on without welding ? I assume I need to flange the drivers bedside for the patch panel, is this right & will the glue work good there. Will the cab corner also need flanged. How well will glued panels hold up to normal use? I’m worried that since the cab corner & patch panel will not be welded at the seams, that the filler will eventually crack due to flex between the two. Thanks for any help, I have acess to a mig welder, but would rather use glue since I haven’t welded sheet metal in a long time & would like to avoid burn throughs & warpage exspecially on the patch panel on the wheel well.


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