Looking for tips/advice on painting my truck

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    Well I decided I am going to give painting my truck myself a shot. I have no experience in this (unless you count spray cans of primer, haha) but I do have plenty of common sense and learn quick so bear with me.

    This is the plan: spray it with an epoxy primer after sanding down (1. should I sand ultra smooth from the get go or leave this surface roughed?). Then I was going to wet sand the primer. (2. what grit for this layer?) I am doing a 2 tone, so my first question reguarding that is (3. should I spray it all one color then overlap the grey [bottom edge of the truck] or mask off that area first?) I am using acrylic basecoat/clearcoat. (4. how long should i wait in between coats of paint of the same color? 5. how long should I wait before I put masking tape on the new paint? 6. should I wet sand this layer?) Then the clear… I want it thick… 7. good idea/bad idea?… Kinda unsure on how to go about the clear. I was thinking I should do multiple thin coats overtop of a slightly tacky previous coat. 8. is that right? Then let it dry and wet sand it till smooth and shiny.

    What steps am I missing? What should I not do that I mentioned above? What things will make this process easier? What should I look out for to minimize fish eye and runs?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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