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    I am looking for a new gun upgrade. I have been using the eastwood hobby gun for over 2 years and have been happy with it. My brother had a hyper smooth but just recently sold it. He told me the HS work ok but if he was going to stay in the biz, he would have upgraded from that. I never did get to use the HS but I was kind of thinking about buying one. I seen there is a gun called the kool koat, but I suspect it is the same gun with different colours. I was also told to stay away from the company that sells them. My plan is to buy something in the $500 to $1500 range. I don’t want to buy a used pro gun just because I wont know if it is working properly. Any advise would be great.
    So far I am thinking
    Hyper smooth
    Kool koat (only if it is a better gun)
    King coat

    Also let me know if there is anything in that price range I didn’t list. does Eastwood have one?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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