Longevity of Rat Rod Black Paint?

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    51 Stovebolt


    My son and I are working on his great-grandfather’s 51 Chevy truck. My son really wants a flat or low-gloss black, but the guys at our local paint supply store are trying to talk him out of it. Their main concern/claim is that flat blacks have poor UV protection and can turn chalky after 3-5 years in our high-desert climate. They also claim that painting is more difficult because imperfections can’t be sanded out and that flat black paint is difficult to maintain.

    When I searched this forum it seems that your Rat Rod Black paint may not have some of these issues, but I still have a few questions:

    1) Does Rat Rod Black have a shorter life span than other paints?

    2) Is painting with Rat Rod Black more difficult? (We’re first-time painters.)

    3) Are there any special maintenance required to keep the paint nice and non-shiny?

    4) Any special procedures for repairing scratches and other imperfections?

    5) Would you recommend using the flat clear coat? (The flatter the better, as far as my son is concerned.)


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