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    I have a problem and I have photos but no way to attach.
    Painting my wifes 2003 lexus ex300 hood using ppg paint Onyx black P202 to match from a local store.
    3 coats base with 15 minute flash time (1.5 tip)
    3 coats clear with 15 minute flash time (1.3 tip)
    Tools: Devilbiss Finishline spray gun model 670
    Upright compressor capable of 150 psi output.
    Air dryer attached to gun.
    2:1 base and 4:1 clear strained into cup
    Outside temp 68 degrees
    Dry Arizona climate
    I do paint outdoors because I don’t want to ruin my garage.

    Buff and cut in order of steps.
    3m rubbing compound
    Meguiars machine glaze
    Meguiars polish
    As you can see after my second try what a disaster this turns out to be.
    The paint looks orange peely in spots and I’ve buffed almost all the way thru to the base and can’t get rid of this look.
    Please help, I am about to give up and take it to a shop.
    Wasted 250 in materials thus far and am down to my last quart and try.
    The final product looks pinholy almost like orange peel and if I try to buff them out I’ll go down to the base.

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