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    Have a situation and would like to know your feed back. I have a Lincoln 3200HD welder 120v (home use, do not have access to higher voltage). I’ve been doing a good amount of mig welding and feel comfortable with my welder.

    I’ve heard of mig welders set up for doing aluminum. Lincoln has the new power mig 140c that uses house hold current 120v. But the nice thing it now has introduced a Magnum 100sg spool gun for aluminum welding.

    The spool gun unfortanelty does not fit my lincoln model so I would have upgrade on the welder to get the spool gun. My question is do I have another alternative using my current welder using my home current? Very light aluminum welding is the intention nothing out of the world. Do they sell a universal spool gun to adapt to my welder or should I sell my welder and get the new 140c model w/ the spool gun?

    Thanks in advance on your responses.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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