Light Rust Restoration Procedure

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    I’ve searched the archives and a link to this process is no longer working so I need to ask how to proceed.

    I am restoring the paint on a ’90 Ford van. Light rust is coming through on the panels. Over the last couple years I sanded off the rust, used Naval Jelly etc. to remove rust and shot with rattle can primer. It all came back.
    So I spent a weekend sanding down a rear door to bare metal everywhere there was rust and feathered out as necessary. Used rust remover products (not POR) to wipe it all down and then cleaned with acetone. Painted with two coats of Nason epoxy primer. Less than a year later rust is coming through along the top edge, the window sill and now spots on the rest of the door.

    What am I doing wrong? I’ve seen terrible rusted panel restored on show cars so I know it can be done?
    Thanks for any advice!!

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