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    I have mentioned it here before but I am very seriously considering giving this a go and I have scored shop space so I am moving forward. My concern and huge fear is that I have a old kitchen oven and of course and I know very well that my first official job will require a oven that is 1/16th of an inch bigger than the one I have. I have the large Eastwood booth and of course gun and blasting cabinet, the shop space will have access to air ( a really cool screw compressor, which I am told will give me 21cfm at 150psi and is dead silent and I only have to share it with 2 car repair bays so only a few air tools ) the issue is the bay has a 60amp 220V single phase.

    I need to find a oven or build a oven for 220v single phase and I have looked at the Eastwood ones of course, will the small PC oven at 39x40x39 be big enough ? Do I need to start out with the expendable one ? Should I push to get 3-phase installed ? (I think not at this time)

    So lets start the discussion, what size oven does a small shop need ? I don’t want to start too small and need to go up a few months later but don’t want to start too big either. I won’t be doing car frames, I assume mostly smaller car stuff.

    I have seen other ovens that less expensive but they look “home-built” and if its going to be home built, I will do that. So, lets throw building your own into this discussion also please. ( I have LOTS of other questions but I will save them for another thread )

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