Lesson learned, the powder coat cure blues

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    twk 75 TR6

    The good part is I have only worked on my stuff. The sad part is I can’t take them back to the other guy and say do it right this time. That would be me.

    Here’s the deal, last summer I took my frame in for blasting and powder. Came back very nice and well pleased. So I picked up a hobby gun and the same kind of powder and shot all my suspension parts. Things look good, nice flow and all. Now that everything is back together, a rolling chassis looks great. then a couple weeks ago i find this forum and have been reading and find out I powdered wrong, well at least cured wrong. After shooting would put the parts in the oven for 15-20 minutes and take them out, some items i coated with 2 coats.

    Here’s the $2.50 question. The chassis has not been out of the shop and except for dust is still clean. I hate the thought of even saying it but can i disassemble it wipe the parts and cure them the right way now? In the oven till that get to 400 and then start timing for 20 minutes?

    The next question IR guns, I seen a couple different ones, is there something I should be looking for in features, and what to stay away from? I don’t want to brake the bank either.

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