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    Just want to pass along a hard lesson I learned in procrastination.

    My father has told me several times that I should really push the powder coating business because you never know what will happen with the employment situation. Well he was right. For the past 5 months of working longer than normal long hours at work and not pushing the PC biz I lost my management job this past week. As I think about it, (and getting over the shock), it was probably a good thing and meant to be.

    Even though there is a lot less stress in my life now, kinda, I wished I would have followed his advice. I will still be looking for a new job but a 56 I just don’t know. I’m considering Home Depot which I may actually enjoy. I should have an edge. Has anyone actually found someone working there that’s really knows anything? I always look for the older guy if I have a question.

    So the lesson I learned is I should have taken the PC biz more seriously, worked harder at it because you never know what will happen. Now I’m scrambling to build it up. I know it will succeed, it’s just going to take more time. Time I should have devoted to it a long time ago.

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