learned a costly lesson today :(

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    I was doing 3 sets of corvette calipers, including my own. I used muriactic acid to remove the rust on my rotors, followed up by metal wash and high temp spray paint, no problem there.

    Next, I cleaned the calipers. 2 of the 3 sets had iron brackets, and the calipers are aluminum. Both of the 2 sets with aluminum calipers weren’t that dirty. I cleaned the iron in the acid and metal wash also.

    the third set, from an earlier vette, didn’t have brackets but was extremely dirty, so I figured I’d let the acid clean them a little, since the brackets came out so nicely. (they were stripped down for rebuilding). I put them in and it started bubbling up real bad, at which point I wasn’t sure what I should do, because I couldn’t approach the bucket, and it was in my driveway. I hosed it with water, which calmed it a little, then decided to dump it and flush the driveway with hose water. Anyway, the calipers are ruined as the acid ate them away! I know you clean swimming pools with acid, and swimming pools have aluminum ladders, but apparently they don’t mix. Fortunately the guy who I am doing them for doesn’t currently have a vette and I can replace them, but its a big bummer.

    Now I’m looking for a used set and its probably gonna cost me 2-3 times the price of the job. Oh well live and learn.

    bottom line, don’t use muriatic acid with aluminum!

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