Lead work vs. Lead-free work?

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    I am new to body soldering/leading body work, but I want to move into this dirrection.
    To lead, or, to lead-free soldering? That is the question. Is it better to suffer the consequences of lead work, or should I only use lead-free solder?

    Assuming that I wear the same protective gear (eye protection, respirator, gloves…); Is there a distinct advantage of one over the other?

    What should be considered when making this decission?
    Lead is half the cost of Lead-free solder.
    I can sand lead-free solder but not lead work?
    Lead work gas will induce rust on unprotected body pieces, but lead-free does not?
    Same files, same paddles, similar technique?
    Can I let both lead work and lead-free work cool, and later go back and add more material?

    I have watched the DVD but they imply that lead work and lead-free work are very similar. Isn’t there a difference?

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