Lead and painting problems

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    mister blue

    Have problems with paint bubbling up. First time I leaded with acid core solder. Paint bubbled after a few months. Have now taken down and painted the hood 5 times. Put SS 67 chevelle hood bubbles on my 55 chev hood. Originally used adhisive. Ended up with lines over the seams. Then tack welded and soldered with acid core solder. Took down the solder last year and leaded it. After a few months bubbles again.
    Stripped the hood again in November and haved cleaned the solder with thinner, bakiing soda and water, alcohol and rust removal jelly. Smoothed out over the lead with Dyna Glass. Has been all sealed and primered since November. Went out tonight to sand the sealer some and more bubbles have appeared.
    I bought a Eastwood solder kit but want to find out what is causing the paint to bubble before I do anything. I’m going to take the lead all down and do it over. Bubbles only over the leaded areas. Is the flux causing this or a reaction between the Dyna Glass and lead or flux. I’m out of ideas
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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