LandCruiser Undercarriage Rust Removal & Paint – Which products should I use??

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    I am looking to detail the undercarriage of my FJ62 LandCruiser. It has light rust on most of the chassis and suspension. Its not enough to warrant any replacement or to really worry about, its mostly light surface rust due to the factory paint wearing off over the years.

    I want to clean and coat the underside and make it look good and last another 25 years. I know Eastwood has the products, but I am torn between the best choice of which one(s) to use for the chassis, suspension and other undercarriage items. I do not have a paint gun or compressor, so I was hoping for an aerosol product option.

    Any product guidance here would be very much appreciated.

    thnx, So_Cal_JB

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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