landau black vs semi-gloss

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    Hello Eastwood!
    recently purchased some SEM landau black paint along with plastic prep and sand free to do my headrests, dash pad, and plastic seat and interior pieces from a 70 Chevelle. Stuff works great and looks good so far, thanks!

    after completing the dash pad, headrests, and bucket seat backs and trim I see that the landau is VERY flat black. I did some research and it appears that ALL? the interior components (plastic/vynl parts) were indeed semi-gloss, not flat 😮 😡

    I just looked online and SEM doesn’t make the flexible coating in semi-gloss? I saw a semi-gloss trim paint for metal, but no interior paint? help! I need to put a coat or 2 of semi-gloss on top of the landau.

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