Lab-Metal and Powder Coating

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    I am having a motorcycle frame PC’s by a local shop. I purchased your PC kit and have done nearly everything on the bike myself with a used oven. Obviously the frame will not fit in my oven and thus my reason for using a local shop.

    I have a couple of dents in the down tubes of the frame and wanted to fill them prior to PC. The local PC shop said to use JB Weld and showed me a sample. I could still see a trace of the JB Weld under the PC. The local shop said I could then pick it up, sand down the JB Weld trace and put another PC coat on. Apparently the JB Weld shrinks slightly with the 400 degree cure of the PC and thus the slight trace.

    So my question is: would the Lab-Metal also shrink slightly or would that be a benefit of using the Lab-Metal instead of JB Weld to fill any imperfections before PC?

    Thanks for your reply!!

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