Kevin, would like your advice on this fiberglass spoiler

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    This is the rear spoiler for my 72 camaro, made out of fiberglass. These things didn’t really align that great from the factory. I have got it as close as I can, but I’m still not satisfied. I have also tried another center spoiler with the same results. The problem is with the right side.


    I’m thinking of taking my round durablock with 80 girt and knocking the edge down a bit to align with the end piece. I also thought about prepping the end piece with 80 grit and adding some everglass to it.

    Here is what the other side looks like:


    Whats the best method to repairing a chip in fiberglass, here’s a pick of what I got:


    Will everglass work, or should I use resin, mixed with some fiberglass matting?

    And last the center spoiler on the back side has alot of waves in it. Its hard to pick it up on camera, but here is a pic:


    I would like to skim the whole backside with everglass. I’m just not sure if I’m setting myself up for problems in the future.

    One last thing, Do you have any tips in block sanding these spoiler pieces? I do have an IR in-line sander that I was thinking of using on the backside with the round durablock. Thanks, Russ

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