Kerosene powered oven instead of electric?

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    Well, Im still building the oven that Ive been working on for awhile now. It is a 6 ft deep x 7 foot tall x 9 foot wide. It has 4 inches of insulation. The thing is, my closest 220v source is around 70 or so feet away. I’d also probably have to buy a new breaker box and that’d be the only thing I could run on that box. After it’s all said and done it would be very pricey without even considering what it would cost to buy all the elements and wire, and the misc hardware.

    Right now I have an oven that’s 4ft tall x 2.5ft wide x 2.5 ft deep. Well, I’m running that oven on a 100k btu kerosene heater and it gets up to 400 or so pretty well with it being built out of 1/8″ steal and a 1/2″ of insulation on top of that. I’ve been looking at the bigger kerosene forced air heaters like a 200k one. Do you think it’d be possible to heat that big oven with my current 100k heater along with a 200k heater so I’d have 300k btu’s of kerosene heat? Does this sound reasonable at all or am I out of my mind.

    FORGOT TO MENTION: This 200k heater can also run on diesal which is a lot cheaper then kerosene.

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