Keeping Rust away forever?

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    Hi guys, I’ve been doing some research and was recommended to this site. I’ve been prepping my S-10 chassis and need something that is light grey/silver in color that will prevent rust. Now reading through this forum and the main site it seems that the rust encapsulator would be ideal but I have a few questions. First and most importantly to me – does it need to be painted after I apply it? I’m specifically looking for something in grey so that I DON’T. I’d like to do it once and be done with it. Second, I read that it is preferred to have a roughed up surface rather than smooth metal. I have been hitting my chassis with a 4.5 inch flap disk the last couple days and its coming out pretty smooth. SHould I be concerned about this? Last that I can think of, but would 1 gallon be enough to do my whole frame, gas tank, the front control arms and tie rods and everything seen in the pics? (attached). Thanks!

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