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    Hey, I am 15 yrs old and I’m just starting to paint cars. I have just been painting with a airbrushes on any random thing that I can get my hands on. I just recently did a touch up on the bumper of a Ford Explorer and I’ve been told my a few peolpe that it looks good for my first time. But the thing is I don’t want it to look “good” I want it to look amazeing. My friend heard about it and he said that he was thinking about letting me paint his car. But the thing is that I live in Colorado and im not going to be useing a spray booth, so I was woundering what the time restraint would be and what the best primer, basecoat and top coat would be. This also came to mind when disscusing about painting his car, but its almost the end of August and I was considering waiting for spring to roll around or if i shoul paintit right now. I am Also studying airbrush graphics and was woundering if anybody could give me tips or answer any of my questions.

    Much Appriciated

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