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Posted: January 20, 2007 By: WINGWALKER

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    I am thinking of building ANOTHER oven. The first one built was 3’w x 3’h x 6’deep.
    I am finding that I don’t like the way I have to load it.
    To awkward getting the pieces in.
    I should have made it an upright like I started to.

    This time I’m thinking walk in. At first I thought 8’ cube. Then I got to wondering just how much of that area would I really need. I have no intentions of doing anything larger then that and probably nothing that will be a tight fit in that size.

    Question to you all is this. Just how much is big enough and not to big?
    I know most of the immediate answers are going to be “They are never big enough”.

    I also understand that it is a vague question and there are a lot of variables.

    But just say if you are using an 8’x8’x8’ oven, (I know not many of you do) but, just how often would you really use the whole 8’?

    Thinking of it that way again, just how big is big enough. What size would you make it?

    Can’t think of any other way to put this. Hope I got my point across.

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