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    I just got done flipping through all 27 pages of threads in this forum, and have picked up alot of good tips and tricks for powdercoating. Reading peoples mistakes, and why they happened also helped a TON 🙂 I’ve got a few questions still though:

    1 – outgassing – from what i read, this is only neccessary for cast aluminum pieces. My question is, are there any adverse effects if you try to outgas something that isn’t cast?

    2 – powder coverage – according to EW, a 1/2lb does 10-20 sq ft. Obviously that would be flat area with no overspray, so my question is, when powdercoating irregular items, how much do you waste due to overspray? My first project will be the calipers off my 300zx, and i’m using the included 1/2lb of high gloss black for these. My next project(s) are a the wheels off a friends street bike, and the balance tube/coil pack brackets off my engine, all in either annodized red, or mirror red. Think 2lb’s would be enough, or should i get 5lbs

    3 – does anyone have actual pics of the mirror red? i’ve seen the annodized red, and it looks a bit dark for my tastes.

    here is the look i’m going for:

    edit: – i just found a pic of mirror red, and it just looks to be VERY high gloss red. What i’m looking for is an iradescent red over chrome look. Annodized red is the closest thing i’ve seen so far

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