Just another homemade booth!

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    Nothing amazing but I thought I’d share.

    My design is pretty much rip-offs from other homemade ones that I’ve seen on this forum so if it looks familiar, that’s why. 32″X32″X48″ framed with 2X4’s and lined with white hard-board.

    The bottom of the booth slides out in case I have to use it for larger parts, and for easier cleanup. The back and side panels are similar and can (relatively) easily be un-screwed from each other for transport or storage since the wife and I are hoping to move in the next few months.

    Last part I have to figure out is how to hang and rotate parts in it. I’m thinking I’ll build something with angle iron to hold the racks for my oven. Then I’m imagining something like a can-opener (since they have pretty powerful and slow motors) with a dimmer switch to make the hanging rig rotate.

    Never-mind the grubby floor in the pics. That’s texture black powder which is all over the place and I’m still cleaning up. Hence, the motivation to build a booth!





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