Jeep rust…. HELP…..

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    My 86 Jeep CJ7 has some rust I need help with….. Where the windshield frame meets the cowl has rust bubbles starting along the seam. It doesn’t look too bad right now with just some bubbling going on and a few holes starting. I know when I strip the paint it will be worse but my question is….. I will be using a wire type wheel on my drill to strip the paint off and as much rust as possible then I will sand to get the rest of the rust off…. I can’t weld AT ALL …. is there something else I could use here to seal it up before I prime and paint. This Jeep is just my daily driver and all I am looking for is a solution that I can do in my garage. I do have some mechanical skills just not welding. I just need to seal it up and stop the rust….. The biggest hole might be the size of a dime…
    Thank you in advance for your help,

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