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    I am sick and tired of having to claybar all the powder residue off of our cars constantly!

    We have a 3 car garage that I work out of and I move our 2 daily drivers out each day and keep my 73 datsun covered. My powder booth doesn’t contain the powder that well, so with the garage doors open (up to 100 degrees in the summer) the cars still get crap on them.

    I finally convinced my wife to let me partition the garage. Unfortunately, the single car side is next to our entry door, but we can work with that. I’ve been working on that side anyways.

    I have a large cabinet system I put up on the back wall that I disassembled today and moved to divide the spaces. Using it as part of the wall between the 2 sections saves on material and allows more wall space! I got most of it framed up around the cabinet today and my new air conditioner installed. Tomorrow I finish framing, install the door and drywall and my wife will paint it all.

    Then we move the blast cabinet and parts washer into the single side where the cabinets were, move a workbench and order the new 3x3x3 eastwood oven. Lastly, I will come up with a plan for a better powder booth.

    I will still have to move one car out every day, but with ac in the shop, I should be able to keep the door closed except for when I have to use the hose and simple green for final parts cleaning. A friend has offered me their commercial shop to store my datsun, and even though I never drive it, I can’t see doing that.

    Here it is with the partial framing.

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