Is undercurring possible ?

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    Hello .
    New to this forum .
    I read a lot , learned a lot , and just tried my Eastwood gun .
    My goal …. I want to polish aluminium parts , then powerdcoat them to keep the gloss .
    I know powerdcoat won t be as shinny as fresh polished alu , but I don t mind , I prefer this than using Autosol once a week on the engine parts ..
    So I ordered 2 lbs gloss clear .
    Before using it on the real parts made of aluminium , I tried on a steel metal bowl from a fuel pump . thin part 1/16 , so no thermical inertia
    Good ground , between 5 and 8 PSI , all is nice .

    So I put it in the oven . It s supposed to be 375 deg / 20 minutes .
    It seems overheating will turn the coat to yellow . I really want to avoid this .

    After just 10 minutes , the powder has turn to a nice gloss .
    I turned the oven off .

    Is my part ready or must I really keep it for 20 minutes ?

    Thanks a lot .

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