Is Rust Dissolver (16038) Safe For 1997 Corolla Engine

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    Hi all.

    Please forgive me if this question is redundant.

    I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla 5-Speed 1.6 liter engine four door with 183K miles. I love my little car, as it gets 35+ miles per gallon. I change my own oil religiously every 3000 miles, regardless of time of year. I average at least 500+ miles each week.

    As of late, I have been paying more attention to what’s going on under the hood. I believe that due to moisture (no garage to put car in), my engine compartment is starting to develop rust in some areas. For example, the nuts that hold the struts in place are rusting over. The alternator bracket is rusted over and probably needs to be replaced. The slave clutch cylinder is rusted over and probably needs to be replaced. More importantly, the transmission case (connected to the engine but in engine compartment) is starting to rust over.

    I came across the Rust Dissolver (16038) product, and I was thinking of purchasing it, as it is supposed to be safe for engine parts. Additionally, I would use this product to treat a rusting motorcycle frame, a rusting lawn mover, and a 1991 Ford Explorer that has body rust and engine rust.

    As my Corolla is my main car and must be preserved, is the Rust Dissolver product the right product to treat engine rust?

    I read that in order to use this product, the area to which the product is being applied must be wet. Does this mean that I should cover up my engine’s electrical components (alternator, etc.), lightly wet my engine with a garden hose, and then apply the product?

    When the product is applied, do I have to wipe it off, or can I simply apply it and leave it? Also, will this product be safe for a lawn mower, if applied lightly?

    I greatly appreciate any assistance. I do not want to have to buy a new Corolla engine as a result of my present engine’s rusting out. By the way, I believe that my engine is an aluminum engine.



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