Is losing static tubes a bad thing?

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    Cuda Man

    First of all, I am a car hobby nut who has only been powder coating for about a month and have already made $500. That is without advertising in any way. Wow! Last week I cleaned my EW hobby gun and somehow the static tubes disappeared. I had some stuff I wanted to do over the weekend so I tried it without the static tubes or the deflector tip. I turned down the air so that the powder misted out nice and slow (pushing the botton to charge the powder, of course). It worked great. Plus, the powder went exactly where I wanted it to go, and overspray/waste was down by well over 50%. It did take a little bit longer to spray, but I really liked it. The main thing being the powder savings. Was I just lucky? As nice as this worked, I may never use the tip or tubes again. What do yoy guys think?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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