Is it worth it?

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    Some days I feel like selling all the stuff I’ve collected. I got a bigger industrial oven and got my outlet changed and get her started up and 😡 this thing takes for ever to heat up. So it looks like its back to the drawing board for an oven. Then I had a friend drop off a swing arm and had her in the stripper for 24 hours but it sure anit working for nothing I think its too cold. So I decided to just blast the thing well I’ve got 3 hours into blasting and she still not done… My compressor keeps up ok but not like I wish it would.

    So Is the EW Dissolver my god send? Has anyone used it in 30* weather? I just wish I could find something that worked that won’t break the bank. 60 bucks a gallon is just crazy. I wish it was cheaper cause I would buy it but, its not in the funds right now. I’m sill setting up my shop and getting the feel for things so I’m not charging for some of the things I do so I can make a name for myself.

    Sorry for the rant all, I feel a little better now. I wonder if Capitan Morgan would strip the part??? If it don’t work I think I will just drink it.

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