Is Glyptal my best choice?

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    Hello Everyone,
    Besides helping with auto restorations now and then, my real passion is restoring older airplanes. One of my current project is resurrecting a 1946 Piper J4. I am working with several aviators on this one and we’ve hit a stumbling block. The oil tank that we will be using has been repaired. Before installing it, even though it passes our pressure testing, I would like to line its interior tank and filler neck with some sort of protector product. Problem is, these engines are air cooled and the oil tends to get hotter than automotive engines due to that fact alone.
    I found a product called “Glyptal” that sounds as though it might suit the bill for our application, but nowhere could I find information to the amount of heat the product could withstand once cured/dry.

    Has anyone out there ever used this product, and if so would you advise using it in our application?

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