Is 2 stage Air Compressor too much for Home garage shop

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    I just started developing interest in restoration hobby and to kick start it and to start with simpler job first, i am resorting a old military trailer and slowly move into cars later once i develop my skills.

    till now I have just a 10 Gal 2.5 HP air compressor which is not quite sufficient for any of the air tools and planning to up grade it.

    I am getting a sweet deal on one 2 stage 80 gal 7.5 hp industrial compressor by dewalt. Is that a too much kill for my home garage shop. Mine is standard 2 car garage and i live in a neighborhood where the next house garage wall is 8 feet away and i am planning to keep the air compressor in my they sound very loud?
    Does it need too much of wall clearance – if that is the case it might occupy quite a amount of space in my garage.

    thanks.. any insights will help.

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