Iroc wheel polishing problems!

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    So last year I decided to join the ranks and sand and polish my Iroc wheels.I used aircraft stripper first,followed by 100 grit,220 grit,320 grit dry,320 grit wet,400 grit dry, and ended with alot of 400 grit wetsanding.I am using the Eastwood kit with the white rogue and tripoli with the according buffing wheels.I am using an air powered die grinder and a 60 gallon compressor.I do not know the RPM but after searching old posts I may need more RPM’s and heat.My problem is the first wheel did not seem to polish out with the superb luster I was expecting.I tried another wheel with the same results.I am expecting a much better reflection close up and it is hazy at best.Upon a very close visual inspection you can still see fine sand scratches.They are not deep but at the right angle in the light you can spot them if you concentrate on it.Will these buff out or is more sanding necessary?This is my first attempt at polishing any metal so I know nothing in this arena.Searching old posts didn’t really help me find anyone else running into this specifically.I attached two pics to hopefully help describe what I am babling about!Anyone have any ideas?

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