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    Hello everyone, I wanted to pop my head in and tell you that you are a great group of people. I have been “lurking” in the forum for a few weeks now and am excited to start powder coating. I have a 77 280z that I am almost finished restoring and purchased a Hotcoat Gun/IR lamp system so that I could dress up the motor myself. So far I have been working out of the body shop (good friend owns) but it doesn’t work out to well. It is fairly small and getting time in a bay is hard unless I do it after midnight uughh.

    Anyway to my question about IR Ovens. I have searched and read many of the posts about building a custom oven. Many discussions have been on using oven elements, fans etc… But I am curious, what are your thoughts on a say 4x4x4 box, lined with aluminum that uses one of Eastwoods 10170 IR lamps as the heating element? would a 4x4x4 box be too big? Thoughts on how long it might take on heating up???

    I appreciate your thoughts, and can’t wait to get back from my vacation so that I can get started.

    – timmil

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