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    Hello everyone,
    Not sure how many people here have experience with IR Curing but I have run into some problems. I am using the eastwood system ([URL]http://[/URL] )

    I am curing a sun gold metallic with an IR light on pieces that are too big to fit into my household oven. I can get the PC up to temp but I don’t seem to get as good flowout as when it’s in the oven. In fact in some locations, mostly valleys or crevices I get a real textured surface. It’s basically like the powder has started to cure but not flowed out completely. I also see this on the back sides of some parts that are only getting to ~200deg F because the light is not directed on that portion. If I reposition the light to the back side sometimes it will flow out but other times it retains the texture.

    I was thinking maybe I am shooting too heavy of a coat to be properly cured by the IR? I am going to try thinner coats in the next couple of days to see what happens but figured maybe someone had some ideas.

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