iPad in dash install on 5.0

Posted: April 3, 2011 By: GSEninja

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    Although nothing via Eastwood was used in this project, i still had a blast making it and it might be beneficial to some out there

    Something ive been playing with these last couple days, saw it on youtube (Soundmancaraudio.com) and thought it looked pretty **** cool!

    If i could go back and do it again i would definitely take my time on the pre painting prep… I wanted to get the paint on it last night so i rushed, it doesn’t look perfect, but this is something i can go back and fix at any time… just dont have the time now!

    List of parts and cost
    32gb wifi +3g iPad – $300 (buy em now, guys are selling 1st gens for cheap)
    90deg 30 pin adapter – $60+shipping (http://www.soundmanca.com/product_info.php?cPath=47&products_id=124)
    iStreamer DAC – $200+shipping (http://www.soundmanca.com/product_info.php?cPath=47&products_id=152)
    Scrap wood found in garage from previous owners – FREE!
    Fiberglass and Resin (i have yards of this stuff) – say $5
    Bondo (who doesnt have a can in their garage) – say $5
    4 channel amp – Picked up from Roger at $30
    Wiring for speakers/amp- $30

    if thats everything than thats a total of $630… not bad at all considering the dash to put an aftermarket DD into the 5.0 is ~$400 alone, add that to the cost of your average DD (about $800) which doesnt do half the things this can… id say i came out pretty good in the end

    now some photos! CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE SET

    This is the only portion of the factory faceplate i needed to keep


    SOO much room!


    checking for fit!


    Rise off the dash


    Making the concaved cradle


    Cradle with backing and 30pin slot


    another test fit with 90deg 30 pin


    faceplate (made from wood, covered in bondo)


    Bondo glass the holes up!


    getting there


    ready for paint


    One final test fit


    painting and a back view of where the 30pin exits


    slides right out to prevent theft and so i can use it elsewhere!


    and a better/driver side view


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