Internal Frame Coating vs Heavy Duty Anti-Rust

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    Looking to coat inside of rocker panels, inside doors, inside body panels that have empty cavities (between braces or multi-layer panels)

    NOTE: Most of these areas do have a bit of surface rust… nothing heavy, but there is some surface rust.

    1. Would Internal Frame Coating work better for these areas than Heavy-duty Anti-Rust? Does it last longer?

    2. Can Eastwood Heavy Duty Anti-Rust be applied over surface rust? Or should the surface rust be treated with Encapsulator first? (side note) does Heavy Duty Anti-Rust work if it is applied over Encapsulator, or is it better over bare metal?

    3. Inside areas like bracing or multi-layer panels… would it be better to shoot Encapsulator in these areas to seal them up than Anti-rust or Internal Frame?

    Just want to do it right the first time… have WAY to much time and money invested in this project, to have to worry about what I SHOULD have done.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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