Internal Frame Coating… Exposed?

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    I’m restoring a 1952 Ford F1 pickup truck. On the new bed panels, i.e., sides, front and tailgate, I used Internal Frame coating in all the seams and in the sides top rolled metal. I wanted to coat and seal all the new metal in the areas that will never have primer or epoxy. Having done that, obviously, the frame coating spreads out on the exposed metal that will have epoxy primer and top coat.

    My question is…. does all internal frame coat on exposed metal need to be removed before epoxy coat? In the prep of the exposed metal, most, if not all, internal frame coat will be sanded away. But the edges of the seams will still have the frame coating (it would be hard to remove it all).

    I’ve read elsewhere in the forum, Internal Frame coat is similar to Rust Encapsulator. And Rust Encapsulator can be epoxied over….. but can’t fine the same for the Frame coat.

    Thanks in advance… Mark

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