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    Hi everyone, my name is Jeff and I’m trying to finish up my project of a 1984 Trans Am. I had the inside of the car painted black but the idiot painter who I told to paint the interior plastic a light tan, he painted it All black too. Needless to say I’m done with him but there is good news – the paint he used to put on the plastic is Flaking off but I need it All off. Here’s my question – What do I use to take the black paint off the interior plastic without damaging it? Its not easy to find light tan interior plastic anymore and I do NOT want to throw this out. Some people have said just paint over the black with a light tan paint or dye. Well if I do that, won’t that flake off too because its on the black and the black is flaking so it all will flake off?

    I don’t want to sand or scrape it off because it would destroy that cool grain pattern molded in. Some people said use rubbing alcohol or a Mr. Clean eraser. I don’t want to attempt anything till I can get some answers from people who know what they are doing IE all of you. 🙂

    Thanks in advance and its great to be a part of this board!

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