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    I recently purchased a 72 malibu. This car has the original paint, no body filler and is very straight but has some substantial rust in the lower quarters and fenders. I plan to replace these areas with rust panels, a process which will be completed over some length of time. For example I have the front clip removed and am ready to repair the front fenders first. Once I get the rust panels welded in and prepped – what would you recommend for primer for these small areas? Keep in mind I plan to strip and prime the entire car later – what I need is to seal these areas until I prime and paint the entire car, which could be months away.

    My current thought for the final basecoat is a single stage urethane paint. Keep in mind I’m a newbie to autobody work, this is my first restoration attempt – so any ideas about steps to be taken throughout the process would be appreciated.

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