Inexpensive and very good homemade paint job using Eastwood products?

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    I’ve been reading up on’s how-to section and watching a lot of Kevin Tetz’s videos. I’ve gathered a *lot* of information about how to set-up my garage for painting cars. Trouble is, the information I have is spread all over the map. Guns: conventional, hvlp, lvlp and airless. Compressors: many types and sizes as well as turbines. Moisture: full systems or snakes. Add to that many types of primers, paint types and clearcoats, and the need for media-blasting.

    I just can’t create a basic shopping list on my own. What I would like is an inexpensive, basic system that will allow me to do a great (but not perfect or concours worthy) paint job in my garage. I won’t be painting professionally, as I’ll be doing only my own cars, maybe one a year on average. I also have 0 experience, so the fact that some type of gun is a standard isn’t important for me.

    My first project will be the 1974 Charger with a badly done paint job I just bought. I’d like to be able to strip it to bare metal (and fibreglass fenders), repair what needs to be repaired, and go all the way to a finished paint job.

    Essentially, I’m looking for an inexpensive system that will allow me to do media-blasting and all the steps in a paint job.

    Can one of you experts give me a complete starting list? (I’m in Canada, if it matters for regulations.)



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