Inconsistencies between Eastwood’s website and catalog

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    So here is the deal:
    1. The company sells Urethane Primer – Tan – 1Qt (advertised on the web as: “ FM Urethane Primer Buff Quart, Item #50248 ZP”:
    2. On the above-listed website they recommend an activator for it, which is identified as follows: FM Urethane Primer Activator 8 oz, Item #EPAP Z, Only $19.99, (the same recommendation is repeated in their kit: “FM Urethane Buff Primer and Actvtr Qt Kit, Item #EUPBQK ZP, Components Price: $49.98, Only $44.99, , where they clearly state that the kit includes: EUPBQ ZP Quart of Buff Primer EPAP ZP half pint of activator).
    3. And here is the PROBLEM. The Eastwood’s catalog (p. 33, in the most recent one, i.e. Early Fall 2010) recommends totally different activator, i.e. Item #50249ZP, which can be found on the website as: FM Urethane Clear 4:1 Activator 8 oz., Item #50249 ZP, Only $14.99,
    4. My PROBLEM: I ordered the items based on the catalog, and now I am about to start work on a 50k$ bike, but I am worrying that I was given incorrect (and cheaper!) activator. I called Customer Support but was told is a tech problem, and forwarded to “leave a message” line. I am frustrated because I planned to have the bike painted by the end of the long weekend, and now I am worrying that my activator will cause the primer to strip… Any advice what I should do?
    Dear Eastwood, you’ve been so good to me through all these years…. what happened?

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