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    I’m new here and thinking about trying to start a small business in powder coating. I haven’t bought any tools yet. I’m in the research stage. I was thinking about a cheap gun ( I have found a craftsman gun for under $50.00). You don’t even need a compressor with it. Will it do for a starter, to see if I powder coating (learning curve and get the basics down). I was thinking about PCing one off motorcycle parts (steel and Aluminium). I have a background in body work and painting from many years ago. The last 30 years I have been in construction (last 15 years self employed carpenter). I have always been good with my hands (been able to do anything I wanted to do). I have compressors and paint guns (air and airless).

    Can I build a insulated box and install heat lamps to use for curing?

    I keep reading about a clear coat over a color coat. Can you spray your color coat and then spray a coat of clear on before curing or do you color/cure and then clear/cure?

    Can you PC something to look like real chrome?

    Thanks for any advice

    Ray “bikerdad46”

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