I’m in the market for a new gun

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    I was sold on the EW pro model after reading the threads and your responses and comments on it. and I think I still am, let me explain.

    I currently use the Chicago turd toploader style, basically for the price I paid, its a great tool and not a turd at all I guess, but it does lack indeed.

    I see the EW pro is a bottom loader design and I hear or read that that is preferred. BUUUUUUUT its like 35kv and $700 ish

    my dilemna is:
    caswell plating has a gun that does 50kv, but it looks like the same thing I have now, toploader and cheap looking, but has an adjustable box to go from 30kv to 50kv in 5kv increments and its $200 or so

    My questions are:
    Do I really need the extra 15kv ?
    and / or is it really worth the extra $500 to get the EW pro bottom loader if the extra 15kv is useless or not used ?
    My biggest part to coat would be like a small dirtbike frame or something.

    I know this is an EW site, but I feel an honest answer can be had by the forum here as I have seen various brands of stuff recommended at times.
    I dont mind paying the higher price if you guys say its worth it for the bottom loader and better quality.

    thanks tons and I hope I havent been to confusing


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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