If you were building a stripping tank??????

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    I’ve been looking at some sort of tank to put B 17 in and I know I can use one of those farm tanks but I would prefer to use steel. I probably wont use SS because of the cost, that is unless I can come across a sheet or two free.LOL

    The problem I see with the plastic stuff is it is hard to get one that is the right size where you can maximize the effects of the B17 solution. The tanks are either too big, too small, too narrow, too deep. My question is if you were going to build a tank where you were going to soak ATV frames in what would be the perfect size to build. My idea is to start off with not having to buy but 10 or 15 gals of B17 and pouring it over the part being stripped and then after I have made a few bucks I can keep adding B17 until it is at the point where I don’t have to pour it anymore, I can just dunk, wait, and pull part out and rinse.

    I don’t want to start out with a cheaper plastic tank and have to make do because I know if I do it will probably stay that way and this stuff is nasty and also my shop is going to be where I live and I don’t want to take chances of my kids or dogs, cats,chickens, or other critters getting into it. My plan it that it will be stored in a dedicated shed next to the shop and I probably will put an outside skin on it so I can insulate it on the bottom and sides. I just would like to know what would be the perfect size to build.

    I used an ATV frame as an example because that would probably be the largest thing I would want to dunk completely. If that would fit all the way in then I should be able to dunk pretty much any kind of wheel or bike frame.

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