I used the EW Pro1100, my questions

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    I just got the ewpro1100 and I have been using the chicago electric. Anyways, I have some questions and some things I noticed.
    I bought a small compressor at HF to dedicate to it, I set it at 20 the gun I set at 20.
    I shot a set of Honda fifty forks and noticed the gun had amazing power, it could fry a fish eye in the finish of the forks in a blink, so I turned the power knob down to low.

    I didnt see any real improvement in dleivery of the powder though, as in both styles and systems seem to put out very little powder at times and then cough up a blurb cloud occasionally. What am I doing wrong? I was thinking I would be able to regulate the powder from this gun , but basically just tap the can slightly and it would fog slightly heavier.
    I dunno, I liked the power to do larger items, but figured for the green spent I was gonna get a better powder delivery/management system, instead, I used the Chicago last night to shoot another color instead of doing a color change on the new gun. Which I think for 6 times the price, I should have seen an improvemment enough to warrant me doing the color change and shooting the second set with the new gun..
    I dunno, I’m gonna use it of course and hope I learn some tricks with it, but real world, I dunno yet. I like the powder ajustability of the much cheaper rig over the whatever comesout tap the side method of the expensive rig.

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