I think I’ve located my recent issues….

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    It’s my metal prep. It’s not very effective and I don’t think I’m doing as good of a job as I need to.

    Here’s what I currently do:

    Aircraft Stripper to remove paint/powder coating
    I’m having a hell of time getting ALL of the paint out of the small areas of valve covers with my plastic putty knife and this chemical.

    I rinse it off, blow it dry and let it air dry as well.

    Media Blast
    I’m not a fan of this lately with the valve covers I have since the baffles are welded in and I don’t want to get abrasives in there.

    Rinse in Pre or Acetone
    I allow it to air dry


    Now, I’m not using a parts washer and I haven’t been using my simple green bath on the aluminum parts. Should I be?

    What else can I do for the valve covers so I don’t have to media blast them or do I have to and and just be really careful or something?

    I know if I had an effective method, it would fix my issues.

    Also, if you guys could recommend tools (parts washers) or tubs full of cleaner/strippers that you use, I would REALLY appreciate it.


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