I think I screwed up on permitting Repaint

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    Long story short, when I was ready to take delivery on a new car, the dealer and I “noticed” windchips from hurricanes we had here in October. Very expensive car–they insisted on “reshooting” the car. This turns into a total repaint, filled with swirls (which may be under the clearcoat), fisheyes, some orange peel and other problems. $65K car. So, as a new car with a full warranty, I think I can still make this their problem but they are offering me incentives to go away. This finish seems really soft and subject to scratching. Black car. Should I say “No way”? Now they want to take it to another shop. Could what they used to remove the paint have dinged the windshield? Do you buff after the base and then shoot the clear, then buff again? That could explain why the swirls won’t come out with a DA and Meguiar’s 83 or scratch X–they could be under the clearcoat. I would like to have info before next meeting.

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