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Posted: April 6, 2010 By: 2003z

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    For a little while at least. I have put notices up on the forums that I advertise on that I am taking a 3 month break, aside from the stuff that I do for shops, and the jobs I have already committed to.

    I have been a little burned out before, but this time its reallly bad. I’ve got two days per week right now to coat due to the airline job and training, and I spent the whole day in the shop today and got 2 sets of brakes almost done, a smattering of harley parts and a pair of fuel rail covers. I just can’t make myself move. I used to be able to push out 5-6 sets of calipers in a day.

    Now, I get home from class or a trip and find a backlog of 15 sets of brakes waiting and just hate it. Hopefully, come July, I will be ready to start up again.

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