I need some advice about a frame rail replacement please.

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    Hello Kevin,
    First of all, I love your Powerblock show as well as the rest of the line up. I usually come away from all the shows with tips and techniques that I use in both my professional (ASE Master Tech) and the hobby that makes me a certifiable car nut. I’d love to tell you the stories behind all the projects my family currently have but right now this is about my 1979 Trans Am. It has been up on stands in my garage for at least 5 years. It had a knock inthe motor (looong sad story) so it was taken out of commission for a long overdue LR quarter panel and trunk pan. It already has new floor pans, PST body and frontend bushing kits and a nearly brand new interior all of which was an earlier step in the process. I also changed it from the 403 olds to a 400 pontiac motor with all of the original factory fuel lines etc… Anyway I decided the frame rail and the upper shock mount on the left rear needs to be dealt with also. I have an excellent donor piece that just needs final cleaning. I believe the best is to replace the whole rail and shock mount together instead of peicing it together. Do you agree and do you have any advice for me? I hope to be posting pictures to mypowerblock.com soon. Thanks again Jason

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