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    I am not a body man by trade so I am having a few set backs and wanted to ask for help.
    1999 Silverado that will eventually be painted black again. I am currently replacing some rear patch panels and inner fenders.
    I have been told that I should use 3 different body fillers (long and strong, duraglass and icing) to repair over the welds. My questions begin here, can I use just one type of filler or should I go with more?
    Should I etch prime before the filler or after?
    Do I need to etch prime or can I use a DTM primer?
    Can I just use an epoxy primer? I will not be taking ALL of the paint off in areas it is not needed and I wonder if that changes what primer I should use?

    This truck will be an all summer project as it is my daily driver. I am running into an issue with painting over primer that has been left on this long. What precaution should I take or can I simply scuff, clean and shoot another coat of primer, block sand and begin painting when it is time?
    This will be a base coat/clear coat paint job.

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